Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Asleep at the Wheel

I've fallen asleep at the wheel once again, sigh...

Well despite the severe lack of updates over the last few months, I've actually been super busy on all fronts and in general pretty stoked on life. I'm going to start digging my way out of this radio silence with a bunch of posts over the next few days and weeks, it will feel good to dump my brain.

I feel like I left everyone hanging with the last post, so I'll get straight to the dramatic conclusion. In short, my friend Renee totally come through with my Diva Shoes and since May I've been sporting these ill puppies all over town:

Yup, those are real. They are so awesome that I'm finding it hard to actually wear them out for fear of getting them dirty and busted, you know, the New Shoe Dilemma. I do get a kick out of wearing them to work though. Yeah that's right, I've got fucking pop divas on my feet and am about to fucking handle this PowerPoint right now.

I kind of feel like this every time I strap them on:

And speaking of Katy Perry, I had the pleasure of seeing her live in concert last Friday, which suffice to say was magnificent. It was a spectacle of sensory-overload musical theater- giant bombastic sets, colorful dance crews, interwoven video dream sequences, pornographic pyrotechnics, and of course, seething masses of tweens dressed in pastel wigs and fancy get-ups. I did not wear my shoes to the show however, for fear of having them utterly destroyed on the dancefloor. 

I snapped a few shots on my phone which may help to paint the scene a bit:

Now many 26 year-old dudes might fee a bit uncomfortable in that scene, perhaps a bit emasculated amidst the flowery pink Teenage Dream landscape. I stopped taking myself seriously a long time ago, so of course was happy as a clam. I'm also pretty sure that everyone assumed I was dragged there by my sidekick, who was wearing a bright pink Katy-Perry-esque dress. 

There was actually a funny moment late in the show where Katy said something like 'now I know there are plenty of dudes who got dragged here by their girlfriends, but I see you bobbing your heads, you know deep down you are a fan'. This of course was the opposite of my situation- I in fact dragged my date to the show. She was perhaps a bit skeptical at first, but by the end of the show was jumping up and down and singing along with all the other tweens. It was magical.

So next time Katy Perry rolls through your town, do yourself a favor and make some arrangements. I guarantee you'll have a smile on your face, even all you dudes who are too cool for school.

Finally, to close this up I'll leave you with the official video for the song which opened last Friday's show, Teenage Dream. Go ahead, click Play. You know you want to.